our services

Hunziker Associates SA was originally formed in Geneva in 1974 by R.F. and H. Hunziker and is wholly owned by the Hunziker family. The multilingual office offers a variety of services provided by experienced partners and staff.

The principal activity of the company is the provision of professional accountancy, audit and legal services, to private and corporate clients, and in the formation and routine management of incorporations. The full range of services provided includes:

Bookkeeping for both large and small commercial and financial companies, and for individuals. Accounts are produced to conform to Swiss, British and American regulations in English, French or German.

Special audits and due diligence are carried out in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations or by special commission, also under British and American legislation.

Business Management Advice:
Expert advice is offered on the form and style of the corporate vehicle best suited to meet a client's requirements.
Assistance is given with the formulation of employment contracts and service agreements, and with the search and selection of personnel.

Consultations and Reports:
Complete or partial business evaluations, assistance with the purchase and sale of existing companies with takeovers, mergers and acquisitions.

Fiduciary Services:
The formation of companies, fiduciary and all assorted services including provision of directors and nominee shareholders.

Legal advice on various matters, mainly non contentious, corporate, real estate and family law, as well as estate planning. Implementing of Swiss residency permits for foreigners, based on estimated income, as well as authorizations to purchase Swiss real estate, for main and secondary residences.

Advice given on all questions concerning Swiss and International taxation, including tax planning and matters arising from the interpretation of international tax treaties.

Formation and administration of trusts under various jurisdictions, and provision of external corporate trustees.